Oh Papa’s sophomore EP and its blissful tranquillity.

The new EP ‘Sitcom’ from Sheffield quartet Oh Papa is another piece of silverware for their trophy cabinet.

There is a sincerity and intimacy to lead singer Jack Davies’ voice that tricks you into believing you’ve known him for years; as if the topics of loving family relations or the muddled emotions and intricacies of a relationship are something you both experienced in tandem. Their first EP ‘Papa Les’ showed us what they were capable of, but ‘Sitcom’ really cements their songwriting prowess.  

The subtle concoction of soft rock, surf rock and Americana leaves a smooth-to-the-touch, undeniably pleasing, listening experience, reminiscent of romanticised summer evenings past. There are no frills, no egos, nothing is forced and the music does the talking, but behind the sultry slide guitar and delicate drums is a hybrid of four corresponding personalities that, at the rate they are going, I’m sure will soon be a household name.  

Listen here – https://open.spotify.com/album/6mTKhsLs4QcErtbYBnxKwi