Review- The Moontown Project & Bone Slim “Yellow Walls”.

“Yellow Walls” unites Nine8 Collective’s Bone Slim’s perfectly crafted flows with the mellow production of Leeds duo, The Moontown Duo, to create the song for the summer.

Masked MC Bone Slim has been making some noise for a minute now, especially with the music he made with the Nine8 Collective alongside people like Biig Piig and Lava La Rue. In his most recent venture, however, The MC, in an attempt to move away from the sample-based instrumentals he was used to, has turned towards collaborating with the comparatively less established Leeds duo, The Moontown Project. For the two producers this is only their second single, but they’ve already proven their skills in producing groovy synth pop infused R&B making me very excited to see more music by this collaborative project.

Saying the track is vibey feels like a cringey cliché, but honestly, there are no words that better describe the track.”

It’s tempting to look at the two artists’ contributions separately but to think like that would be missing what makes this song so moreish. As The Moontown Project lay down a funky drumbeat that becomes the backbone of the entire track, Bone Slim rides the beat with flows that perfectly match the rhythms of the instrumental. In return, the instrumental plays around with intricate details surrounding Slim’s verses about break ups with twinkling synths, jazzy pianos, funky basslines and guitars, topped off with occasional horns and vinyl scratches that make every second of the track fun for the ears. Saying the track is vibey feels like a cringey cliché, but honestly, there’s no word that better describes the track.