Spacey Basement Cult – Leeds’ Waviest Basement Dwellers

Photo credit: @hannahwillwood

Spacey Basement Cult – Leave It On the Shelf

Recently emerging from the depths of their basement in Hyde Park, Leeds, Spacey Basement Cult’s new single ‘Leave It on the Shelf’ is an exciting development to a steadily growing discography. It is their first release since their melancholic debut EP ‘George Eats’, but this song is a clear divergence from their previous work. An upbeat, poppy and grooving progression, Leave It on the Shelf feels deliciously refreshing, while maintaining their distinct take on dreamy bedroom pop.

Blending pop pleasantries with ambient soundscapes, juxtaposed with jarring song structure, and a self-assured ‘wonkiness,’ SBC have created a sturdy bridge between ‘chill beats to study to’ and a certified pop banger. The glitchy drums and sweeping arpeggiating synths underneath the playful, but delicate vocals contribute to the overall waviness and ambiguous feel of the song – a satisfying nod to their psychedelic roots.

Written during lockdown about the overbearing presence of social media and the resistance of this, the Leeds duo call for us to find satisfaction and love within ourselves. A message we could all embrace during these circumstances. The song reflects this well, as there is a feel of hope and bliss, but a sense of unease from the trips and glitches throughout. And who can ignore the Skate 3 visuals – they’re perfect for conveying the floaty, retro feel of the track, while sending us to the Hall of Meat of the mind.

Eddie Rimmer